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Imagine being a part of a group that combines all possible art forms, in a way that is both perfectly structured and completely improvised at the same time!

The Element Key Session is a turn-based jamming method. Each participant takes a turn in the role of conductor and with the help of the other participants’ unique skills, leads a creative jam. 

By ‘skills’ we mean any kind of creativity you can imagine: it could be singing, playing an instrument, dancing, massaging, drawing, reading etc.

What’s special about this method is that the rules are very simple and can be learned by anyone from scratch in just 20 minutes. 

This simplicity creates flowing jams that easily include new comers and various art forms.

The Element Key:

The conducting rules are based on 5 hand gestures representing the 5 elements:

Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space.


Each element has a meaning.

Earth: to steadily repeat

Fire: to take lead 

Air: to free flow with ideas

Water: to follow others

Space: to be silent and observe.

These 5 signs are used to direct the jam.

The structure of The Element Key Jam

Each session has a host that guides the group through 5 steps.

1. The session starts with the host explaining The Element Key and the structure of the session.

2. A check-in round: first, everybody shares their present state of being. Second, everybody states the skills/artforms they are willing to bring to the circle. 

3. The circle sits together in silence until someone raises their hand to become the conductor.

4. The conductor leads the jam with all the skills/artforms the people are willing to contribute. They guide the circle with words, body language, and the 5 hand gestures of The Element Key.

5. When the conductor ends the turn, the circle returns to sitting in silence until the next conductor raises their hand. 

The Element Key Session is closed with a final check-in and if desired, some feedback.


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